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Ecologist survey

My EcoNorth ecologist came a carried out a walk through survey as part of my planning application. There were no revelations or surprises, so hopefully my planning application will be painless. I still need some drawings done for the hide elevations before I can submit the application. I hope it doesn’t take too long otherwise we’ ll hit the bird breeding season and then I will have to wait until next autumn to do the ponds! Hey ho and Merry Christmas.

Fox on the run

Pretty little fox visited the Vera shed site but got too close to mummy deer and her two youngsters, they gave her a real good chasing around the trees before she managed to get away. I didn’t realise the deer could get so aggressive to a fox.

Ringing the changes

Thanks to Austin and David for an informative and interesting few hours bird ringing yesterday. Last ringing session we had about 8 birds but this month we had 40 catches, shows how the new feeders bring in the birds! 21 blue tits, 8 great tits, 3 coal tits,3 long tailed tits 1 willow tit, 1 reed bunting, 1 bullfinch, and 2 chaffinch.

Planning fiasco

After a bit of a saga I sent in my pre planning application to Morpeths planning department on the 11th November. I had been told that they had a 10 day backlog so i left it until yesterday and as I had not heard anything decided to give them a ring. I was well cheesed off to discover that due to some unknown issue my application had not been forwarded to the right department, so was not ‘in the system’. So now it is ‘in the system’ and i should get a response by the 9th December, great I’ve lost 2 weeks!

So no pond digging or hide building, very frustrating as the weather is good at the moment so i could have built my shed/hide.

Corridor of uncertainty 

60m x 4m of reed cleared to create a corridor across the reed bed. Speaking with my reed bed experts they recommend to increase your ‘edge’ you add corridors. The wildlife tend to feed along the edge so I will be adding another couple of corridors at so stage. It also allows us to do some bird ringing across the reed bed and lets me check the health of the reed bed right across it.