Sammy the Bog Mascot

Meet Sammy the wood pigeon.

Young Sammy a few days old

Sammy was blown out of his nest when just a few days old. Normally I would leave nature to take its course but having left Sammy by his nest for 8 hours and no parents had come to see I made the decision to try and raise him myself.

Sammy after a week

Thanks to google Sammy was happy with crushed bird seed and water, which Libby and I fed him 3-4 times a day.

Loves an ear nibble
Starting to lose his feather fluff after 3 weeks
Sammy loves to wave at you

Now fending for himself
Quite the smart little pigeon now

Well Sammy is now over 6 weeks old and seems fit and healthy. He follows me around the reserve and happily greets visitors when they come onto the reserve ( usually by landing on their heads! So be warned if you don’t like pigeons!!)

Temporary closure

Due to the latest Covid guidance I have taken the difficult decision to close the reserve to visitors until the guidance changes.

Although I believe we would not be breaking the law, the government guidance is to avoid contact between different households even outside.


I spent a very pleasant 30 minutes last night, as I was on my way out my Doe and twin fawns paid me  a visit. Right in front of the appropriately named Deer View hide they came and fed, here is a few pics:-


fawn grooming-0257fawn in front of deer view hide-0252fawn on badger set-0402fawn with mother close up-0378fawn with mother kissing-0372fawn with mother on badger set II-0354

Ashes to Ashes

Unfortunately we have Ash die back amongst our tree population. We have at least 50 dead Ash trees which I am currently removing. Ash die back is an airborne fungal disease that tends to kill the tree from the top down.

Example of one of the victims
Felled victims

Initially I thought we would have to burn the wood but I have been advised that the damage has been done and there would be little benefit by burning the wood. As a result of this advice I have been using the felled trees to line my paths, looks quite smart I think.

Main path to Vera’s shed
Tree tops to be used to fill gaps in fencing, to keep the dogs out.

Such a shame, but the word is that the UK is likely to lose between 70-80% of its Ash trees and I anticipate we will be looking at that sort of loss!

Collingwood co-operation

I recently offered the reserve classroom to our local Collingwood School and Media  Arts College. In these troubled times it seemed the right thing to do when schools are in need of additional classroom space.

Collingwood is designated to meet the needs of students aged 2-19 yrs. with speech, language and communication difficulties, autism and behaviour and emotional disorders.

I met with the Headteacher Gillian Linkleter, and two of her colleagues, and showed them the classroom and reserve. Gillian was very enthusiastic about the classroom and the reserve itself and thought it would be a perfect fit for the school and its pupils.

We have subsequently signed off a memorandum of understanding with the school which allows for the school to use the classroom and reserve for the next academic year (38 weeks), beginning in September. We agreed to half class sizes, which is 6-8 pupils.

I look forward to working with the school and its pupils and hopefully a mutually beneficial outcome.

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