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Ducks in a row

We had our first visit of the term from Collingwood School today. They brought with them the present of three 12 week old ducklings.

I hope they are going to be happy in their new home, they now have a slightly bigger pond from the one at school (a paddling pool). These ducklings were a school project raising them from the egg.

Meet Quacky Chan, James Pond, and Destiny, the names given to the ducks by the kids! They were all asked for suggested names for the 3 and then voted on their favourites and these are what were the favourites.

After a little research I think these ducks are the breed called Khaki Campbell, not one I’ve heard of before.

Morpeth Cubs

A big thanks to the Morpeth cubs who joined me on the reserve on Tuesday evening.

First they all made Hedgehog houses and then they all pitched in to help put down some wood chippings on one of my paths, until bad light stopped play.

We had a wander through the reserve in the dark, thankfully we didn’t lose anyone!

Northumberland Zoo

Big thanks to Brian at Northumberland Zoo who very kindly took time out from his busy day to show me his Polaris Ranger electric vehicle, as I am I’m hoping to get one for the reserve.

First time I’ve been to Northumberland Zoo, much bigger than I thought and all the animals looked in tip top condition. They are also doing some super conservation and release work which I wasn’t aware of. Maybe in the future we can help out, they have programs for Dormice, Harvest Mice and White Clawed Crayfish.

Couldn’t resist taking a few picks when looking around.

Ground Hog Day
Arctic Fox
Ring Tailed Lemurs
Snow Leopards
Snow Leopard

Worth a visit

Unwelcome Visitor

I had a nasty surprise yesterday when an unwelcome furry little friend suddenly dashed out of the reeds on Dunces Corner Pond and had a go at one of the Moorhens. At first it was just a black furry blur but as I waited the visitor swam out in front of me allowing me to get a couple of pictures.

I’m awaiting confirmation but I’m pretty sure its an American Mink, a pretty savage predator especially for waterfowl.

the 100’s up

We have been doing regular Moth surveys on the reserve (when I see we, I mean Brian, Marty and Liz).

On Friday nights survey we broke the 100 species mark so I thought I would post the list and a few pics of my favourites to mark the occasion. Considering there are more than 2,500 species in the UK its maybe not a major milestone, but for me (no moth expert) it is!!

Many thanks to Brian, Liz and Marty for the education.

Garden Tiger
Large Emerald
Spotted Ermin
Four Square Spot

Furry friends

Just a few pics taken this week of some of our furry residents.

My local bunny called Max Factor due to his eyebrow markings
Inquisitive young Stoat
Inquisitive Young Stoat II

John and I are building a dry stone wall around Dunces Corner Hide hoping it will encourage our furry little friends, it seems to be working already.

Rat at Veras

class act

Thanks to Lynda, John & Glenda and Rob our outdoor classroom is now just about finished. It will also act as a waiting area for beaver, cub and scout visits.

In Progress
Nearly there
Rustic but functional