3 thoughts on “Vera’s Shed a work in progress”

  1. Pete,
    Great to see shed up again. Really pleased that you’ve been able to finally make progress on this. It would have been such a shame to see it anywhere else. I hope it proves to be a valuable asset for you and the reserve.

    Phil Brown, Art Director
    Vera- ITV Studios.


    1. Hi Phil, all possible thanks to you and your team. I had promised photos but I was waiting until we put the proper roofing felt on so it looked it’s best🙂. If only the weather would be kind and give me a few consecutive dry days!!
      I will send you the pictures when that is done.
      Many thanks again and I’m glad you are following the progress on the blog. Hopefully we will have an official opening next year and I hope you will be able to join us.
      Best regards


      1. Just caught your reply. We are fast approaching the end of filming the next series. Another build in Slayley donated to the nearby Ladycross quarry nature reserve that I hope is equally successful. I don’t think I will make it up this year but will continue to follow the progress. Looking great.

        Phil Brown, Art Director
        Vera- ITV Studios


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