Sammy the Bog Mascot

Meet Sammy the wood pigeon.

Young Sammy a few days old

Sammy was blown out of his nest when just a few days old. Normally I would leave nature to take its course but having left Sammy by his nest for 8 hours and no parents had come to see I made the decision to try and raise him myself.

Sammy after a week

Thanks to google Sammy was happy with crushed bird seed and water, which Libby and I fed him 3-4 times a day.

Loves an ear nibble
Starting to lose his feather fluff after 3 weeks
Sammy loves to wave at you

Now fending for himself
Quite the smart little pigeon now

Well Sammy is now over 6 weeks old and seems fit and healthy. He follows me around the reserve and happily greets visitors when they come onto the reserve ( usually by landing on their heads! So be warned if you don’t like pigeons!!)

Lockdown loon
Sammy still going strong

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