The big pond project commences

The big dig started on Thursday. I have employed RBB contractors to dig our large pond.

Darren ‘the digger man’ arrived with his 15 tonne excavator to start the project.

Ross ‘the boss’ does a bit of tree trimming to allow the digger onto the reserve.
Darren making his way into the reed bed.
First job to flatten the reeds and make a carpet for the digger to move around
Crack on with the digging.
View from the island

So a good start but plenty more digging to do over the next week.

It’s amazing that a 15 ton excavator and 12 ton dumper truck are able to operate in such boggy conditions but they can!

Dumper in action
Dumper departing

Eventually the bog won and we had to say goodbye to the dumper, having sank and been dug out twice, we didn’t want to push our luck for a third time.


Quite a change!

All done in 4 days! Many thanks to Ross Blackburn owner of RBB Group who dug the pond, to Chris and especially Darren ( the digger man), and our dumper expert Tom.

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