many thanks and Merry christmas

Many thanks to all my willing volunteers, without who we would never have made the progress we have this year. Especial thanks to John, Rob, and Lynda who come along rain or shine to help me out, it is very much appreciated.

Thanks also to The Collingwood Foundation, for obtaining a grant from the Nineveh Charitable Trust, which has paid for the large pond dig.

Thanks to David Dungait and his family for their support and allowing me to play with his land!

Thanks also to Collingwood School and Media Arts College for their support and sending their students help and hopefully enjoy their regular visits too the reserve.

Big thanks to the various visitors to the reserve and the donations made.

Sadly we lost one of my volunteers this year, John Proudlock passed away in November. He lost a year long battle with pancreatic cancer which he fought bravely and with good humour. He was a thoroughly nice guy who will be sadly missed and my thoughts are with his wife Joan and the rest of the family.

I look forward to a ‘more normal’ summer 2021 I hope, probably not before unfortunately.

Last but not least thanks to my wife Libby for her help and tolerance!!

A very Merry Christmas and a happy new year to one and all.

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