Fatality on the bog

Sadly when I arrived on the reserve this morning there was a body floating on the main pond!

I had to wait until the wind blew it to shore before I discovered what it was. There was a Little Grebe feeding on the pond and sadly it looks like it’s partner may have hit the power lines which partly cross the pond.

Little Grebe in winter plumage.
No apparent damage
Amazing feet on the grebe

I have spoken with NationalGrid and they are coming to survey the power lines over the pond with a view to fitting ‘bird diverters’. I think these are the big plastic balls you see on some powerlines. Hopefully this may prevent, or at least reduce. the chance of a bird strike.

2 thoughts on “Fatality on the bog”

  1. I wonder what is happening to the body? I.e the head I collect skulls and that would be a good addition……… how many other blogs would that be acceptable on haha ” I collect heads” and it be perfectly normal πŸ˜…


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