path to success

Our original wooden pallet boardwalk was beginning to rot so it was time for a new path to Deer View hide.

Thanks to the work of John Bell we now have a smart new path that should be more wheelchair friendly than the original.

John’s been at it again, producing a smart upgrade to our entrance path to the classroom.


4 thoughts on “path to success”

  1. Great! As soon as you’re open again I’ll bring my sister to test it out in her electric wheelchair!


  2. When are you likely to be open again please? I’d love to bring my sister back in her electric wheelchair. She’ll be delighted to see the new pathway.




    1. Hi Pauline, we will be opening up on the 2nd May for walk about, with the hides being off limits. Assuming that the Government sticks to its roadmap we will open completely on the 17th May. Hope to see you and your sister soon. I will have a stern word with the moles and badgers so they don’t dig up our paths!!

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