Storm Arwen – The Aftermath

Well that was a bit of a breeze wasn’t it!!

We have spent the last week clearing up after the big storm. The reserve was hit fairly badly from a tree damage point of view but we were lucky not to suffer any building damage. I always said that the hides could take a cruise missile strike thanks to Johns robust building methods and the storm seems to have proved me right. If they can withstand 100mph winds they should be able to cope with groups of school kids!

Here are a few pictures of the carnage:-

2 thoughts on “Storm Arwen – The Aftermath”

  1. So much damage which is awful 😣 😣

    Hopefully you’ll get lots of willing & able volunteers. Apologies but I’m unable to volunteer any help/support as at my sister’s in SoCal. Will definitely come over once I’m back.


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