Winter Projects Progressing

I had two projects in mind to complete before the Spring and they were a nesting area for Sand Martin and an Otter holt for any visiting furry friends.

The Sand Martin nesting bank proved a bit more problematic than I first thought, I had a couple of attempts to get this right!

1st Failure!

If at first you don’t succeed:-

At least this one is still standing!
Nesting boxes ready to go in

Thanks to Lynda for making these nesting boxes to go into the nesting bank.

Nesting boxes in place

All that’s left to do is to cover over the boxes and then do some landscaping (quite a bit of of work actually). The Sand Martin arrive in March so fingers crossed they take a liking to this housing development.

The Otter holt is based on a design given to me by the John Thompson, ecologist at EcoNorth. They have used it on other sites in Northumberland, so hopefully we may get lucky.

Site chosen
On the way
Cosy internals in
Roofs on

So its just the landscaping to do now.

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