Visitor Attractions

I had a visit from John McGuiness and his friend Larry last week and he kindly sent me some of the excellent pictures he took when in Deer View Hide. He has kindly given me permission to publish them on the blog so here is a selection.

Bullfinch Male
Female Bullfinch
Blue Tit
Long Tailed Tit
Sparrow (looks like House but could be Tree)

2 thoughts on “Visitor Attractions”

  1. Fabulous pictures and shows the great variety of species either visiting or taking up residency at Clark’s Bog. 👍😁😁


  2. Lovely pics. Re the sparrow, I’d say House, but I get both House and Tree Sparrows in my Longhirst garden and a visiting bird expert identified a hybrid amongst them- so you never know, yours may have been interbreeding too

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