Swan Vista

Female ring

A swan update, both of our swans are sporting rings on their left legs. With the numbers I was able to send them off to my birding experts and many thanks to Andy Rickeard (Northumberland Ringing Group) who sent the following information about our swan pair.

The male was ringed, as a cygnet, at Annisford Pond on 30/7/2017 and the female was ringed as a 2nd year bird at QE2 Park Ashington in 21/3/2019. The last couple of years the pair have been hanging around the pond at Hepscott so only a short flight to Clarks Bog.

Male stretching its wings

Latest development today was the arrival of a young swan, not sure if it belongs to our pair but they keep chasing it off the water. No ring so we will probably never know.

Charles and Camilla

Just an update on our pair of swans, they are still with us and have started to mate and appear to be preparing a nesting site on the island. They have been named as Charles and Camilla (thanks to Dougie for the suggestion ;0)

They now are waiting for me each morning demanding their breakfast. Lets hope they reward me with a few signets this Spring.

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