Treemendous Weekend s Work

A very big thank you to all my helpers that came together last weekend to plant over 400 trees and hedging plants kindly donated by the woodland Trust.

We planted hedging along the boundary of the farm road, with dog rose, dogwood, hawthorn, hazel and elder.

We replaced some of the Ash trees that have been lost due to Ash die back with Silver Birch, Oak and Rowan.

On the new extension of the reserve we have planted goat willow, downy birch and oak. We have also planted an avenue of crab apple and cherry along the perimeter of the proposed new path. This will provide a corridor for birds to cross what was an open meadow.

So once again thanks to Libby, Fiona, Jack, Steve, Rose, Dom, Matthew, Aileen, Ronan , Toby, Linda, Jamie, Sammi, Angus, Ian and Louise.

Fiona and Jack in action
Linda’s Good work
Crab Apple and Cherry Avenue

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