Stoatally Awesome

A strange squealing in the undergrowth stopped me in my tracks, further investigation revealed our local Stoat collecting his next meal (poor bunny). I watched this amazing little animal drag the bunny (bigger than itself) a good 100 metres. It even dragged it over a large log pile, across a road, to its larder under a brush heap.

Unfortunately I found out that the owner of the brush heap was due to burn it that evening. I had previously spotted another likely Stoat bolt hole nearby so I set up a camera to see if the Stoat escaped the burn. Thankfully as you can see below, it appears to be in rude health, so watch out all you little bunnies!

3 thoughts on “Stoatally Awesome”

  1. So was it BBQ Game for the stoat & family last night, or did they make rabbit burgers 🍔 🤔🤔😂


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