New Arrivals and a special visitor

While we still await the arrival of this years fawns we have had a new first on the reserve. This is the birth of our first ever brood of Coot chicks. We have a family of five chicks that arrived two days ago. I had never seen Coot chicks, so I wasn’t prepared for the exotic colour scheme, I’m not sure why the chicks have such a colourful head dress, when the adult is just black and white. My guess it it makes it easier for the parents to keep track of them?

I have also been expecting the arrival of our dragonflies and yesterday I was pleased to see my first pair of Broad Bodied Chaser dragonflies. These are the first dragonflies of the summer that emerge on Clarks Bog each year. They were mating, so it take them long to get down to the business of reproducing the next generation.



We also have our second brood of Moorhen chicks on the reserve at Woggle Water pond. I hope they fair better than the first brood, which was on Dunces Corner pond, they were all predated.

Our special visitor is an infrequent visitor to the reserve but a very welcome on. Its one of the UK’s most beautiful birds (in my opinion) it is the Kingfisher. I only saw it for about 5 minutes an it was off, hopefully as the ponds mature more we may see them more frequently.

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