Bunnies do swim, who knew?

There was a touch of excitement at Dunces Corner Pond today where I witnessed something I had not seen before.

There was a squeal down by the pond, as I went down to see what was going on I I heard plop and saw this:-

But what caused this little bunny to jump in the pond?

The answer crept out the undergrowth:-

Unfortunately poor little bunny looked like they had jumped out of the frying pan into the fire as our Swans took exception to our little bunny in there pond. They surrounded the poor thing and started having a go at it, they may have thought it was a rat!

The swans finally decided the bunny was not a threat and let it swim away. It eventually made its way to the edge of the pond.

I had to go and pick it out the pond as it was exhausted, I also chased the rat away that appeared to have been watching and following the bunny along the pond edge. The bunny was cold and bedraggled with an injury to its side, so I put it up on the sandbank to dry out and warm up.

It seems to have lived to fight another day, hurrah!

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