Natural History Society of Northumbria talk.

I was very kindly asked to give a talk to the NHSN on the Clarks Bog project. I did this on Monday evening and I would like to thank Chris Redfern and NHSN Director Clare Freeman for making me feel so welcome on the night.

They filmed the talk and anyone who is interested can view the talk on You Tube, you just need to go onto You Tube and search for ‘NHSN talks’. Even if you don’t want to listen to me drone on they do have other very interesting talks you can listen to or use the link below

7 thoughts on “Natural History Society of Northumbria talk.”

  1. I really enjoyed learning about your project thank you. Will definitely visit. We too have a small nature site, though more rewilding, on 135 acres of restored opencast near Widdrington. It’s called Fen Letch.

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