Pond Dipping for beginners

We had our first group of pond dippers on the reserve last week.


Goosehill Nursery sent a class of fourteen (plus three teachers) 4-5 year olds to discover what is in our pond. After a brief tour we tried our hand at pond dipping. The youngsters came down to the pond in pairs and each had a go.

It was great to see the youngsters getting close to nature and maybe sparked an interest in nature too!

Thanks to Holly and her team for bringing the youngsters, who were all very well behaved. We didn’t lose any in the pond, which is always a plus!

I can post some pictures of the beasties we discovered in the small pond:-


Ruddy darter nymph (1 of 1)
Ruddy darter nymph
newtlet (1 of 1)
Pale evening dun
ruddy darter nymph (1 of 1)
Great water boatman on nymph
young pond skater (1 of 1)
Young pond skater
probable toadpole (1 of 1)
Young newt
broad bodied chaser nymph (1 of 1)
Broad bodied chaser nymph
great water boatman II (1 of 1)
Great water boatman
midge larva (1 of 1)
Midge larva
Phantom midge larva (1 of 1)
Phantom midge larva
Great water boatman top (1 of 1)
Great water boatman top
Great water boatman bottom (1 of 1)
Great water boatman bottom


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