Building for success

A big thank you to Francis and his team at the BAM construction site in Morpeth for their kind donation of materials. BAM are in the closing stages of building the new Goosehill Primary School next to County Hall.



John B and myself loaded several trailers of bricks and insulation materials that will be used for paths around the classroom and for building hide number 3 on the reserve.


The BAM crew were a very friendly and helpful bunch who took a genuine interest in what we were trying to achieve, thanks again.

Those kind folks at BAM have allowed us several more trips to their site:-


Many thanks again.

We made our final scavenging trip to the BAM school site at the end of last week as the school is due to open next month.

Once again BAM were very generous and we managed to obtain the following kit:-

10 chairs

5 tables

1 desk

3 noticeboards

6 pairs of wellies, one jacket, 2 high viz tabards, 6 pairs of work gloves

1 picnic table

1000 disposable cups

6 tubes of sealant

various signs

various packs of screws


Large glazed panel

Not a bad haul of goodies, so once again thanks to Francis and his team.

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