Busy on the bog

There’s lots going on at the reserve, here’s a few pics taken over the last month.

buck heed-9237
Young Roe buck (born on the reserve last year)
small tortoiseshells formation flying-8656
Formation flying by a couple of Tortoiseshell butterflies.
Blackie feeding II-9706
The young blackbird is nearly bigger than the adult!

Stand to attention -8738

fledged tree sparrows-8085
Tree sparrow fledglings
Goldfinch feeding on thistles
Grasshopper warbler II-9619
My first pic of a Grasshopper warbler
Hungry young Tree Sparrow
Heron quickly seen off Woggle Water Pond by the resident Moorhens
Bank vole
Whitethroat II-9663
Inquisitive Stoat

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