Collingwood co-operation

I recently offered the reserve classroom to our local Collingwood School and Media  Arts College. In these troubled times it seemed the right thing to do when schools are in need of additional classroom space.

Collingwood is designated to meet the needs of students aged 2-19 yrs. with speech, language and communication difficulties, autism and behaviour and emotional disorders.

I met with the Headteacher Gillian Linkleter, and two of her colleagues, and showed them the classroom and reserve. Gillian was very enthusiastic about the classroom and the reserve itself and thought it would be a perfect fit for the school and its pupils.

We have subsequently signed off a memorandum of understanding with the school which allows for the school to use the classroom and reserve for the next academic year (38 weeks), beginning in September. We agreed to half class sizes, which is 6-8 pupils.

I look forward to working with the school and its pupils and hopefully a mutually beneficial outcome.

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