Killer on the loose!

The Otter holt I built earlier this year has had its first visitor, although not a welcome visitor.

I put a camera down into the holt and the result you can see below:-

The visitor is a mink and as can be seen it has already reduced my duck population. This is a non-native killer which I will have to try and catch before it does too much damage!

We did have a Mink on the reserve a number of months ago but it then disappeared, unfortunately it appears they are back.


I have some good news and some bad news regarding our Mink. The good news is that I managed to catch the Mink, so it will no longer be able to terrorise my Duck and rabbit population. The bad news is that it is no more, it is never nice to remove a little creature but it is for the greater good.

2 thoughts on “Killer on the loose!”

  1. We’ve recently moved to Morpeth and I walk past your reserve every day on my morning commute (I work from home so the steps are very needed.) I had no idea you had so much going on behind your fences, I’ll be sure to keeps my eyes much more open to the local wildlife now I’ve read through your blogs!

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