Nature Trail Officially Opened

This week we had our first official use of our nature trail by Morpeth Rainbows (5-7 year old girls), they seemed to enjoy it.

I must give a big thank you to Linda Heslop who spent a lot of time and effort making our little animal models that make up the trail (they are fab). We have 10 different animals that are found on site and a fact sheet for each one. The youngsters then have to find the answers to questions we give them. The hope is the odd fact will stay in the memory!

The Rainbows then fed the swans and we finished with a bug hunt. A group 15 screaming 5-7 year olds almost certainly scaring my bugs but I was surprised how readily they picked up some of the beasties. They did seem to have enjoyed it by the end, I think the lolly each one got helped!!

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