We’re on the road to nowhere

Well after a couple of days in the digger I now have an almost complete pathway through the reserve, just about 20 metres of floating boardwalk over the water to make it complete.

I did disturb a little resident but thankfully he wasn’t hurt, just a little confused:

John and I are continuing to build our storage shed, it’s not looking too shabby.

My Counselling Session

I had 3 members of Hepscott parish Council visit the reserve on Wednesday as part of the planning approval process. They seemed to be pretty ¬†supportive of the whole enterprise, however, they did express concerns that a ‘change of use’ of the land may, in the future make it easier to change it again to residential use! I hope I was able to mitigate some of those concerns by offering a statement from the landowner and a longer licence term for the reserve. They seemed pretty pragmatic with common sense so hopefully they see the benefit to the local community, we will see.

Field of dreams

Started preparing the second wildflower meadow area.

To be kind to the rodents I may have displaced I am using the scrapings to construct an observation mound with built in rodent housing.

We have also built a wind break wall with pallets in front of hide 1, we are using cut reeds in the pallet wall to fill in the gaps. This also helps with landscaping, I intend to tie in reeds to screen the pallets eventually.

Nature reserve construction and development