Corridor of uncertainty 

60m x 4m of reed cleared to create a corridor across the reed bed. Speaking with my reed bed experts they recommend to increase your ‘edge’ you add corridors. The wildlife tend to feed along the edge so I will be adding another couple of corridors at so stage. It also allows us to do some bird ringing across the reed bed and lets me check the health of the reed bed right across it.

Ringing the changes

David Noble-Rollin and I did our second session of bird ringing today. Up at 6am 😴(I’m not a morning person). It decided to ☔️ for the first 2hrs then the sun came out, better late than never.

2 wrens

2 blue tits

2 black birds

2 Robins

2 long tailed tits

Should I be building an ark😲, but then we only got one reed bunting. So it was a reasonable haul considering the weather.

Veras Shed

Fate has dealt me a lucky break! ITV have just completed filming an episode of Vera (the detective series) on the farm that I live on. As part of the set used for the episode was a large shed. I had discussions with the Art Director for the series and he has agreed to donate the shed to the reserve. Great news as its a large shed much bigger than the one I had planned on my limited budget.


This is the shed prior to dressing, I’m not allowed to publish a picture of the finished set due to image rights issues. It has just been dismantled and I will now relocate it to the reserve and hopefully put it back together.

Big thanks to ITV and particularly Philip for making this happen.

Reed em and weep

Ever tried to cut your way through a reed bed? Now I know how a jungle explorer feels like, it’s hard work!

19 metres in and not even halfway in. Cutting a corridor across the reed bed to allow access for bird ringing and also to allow a health check across the reed bed.

Corillion generosity

Hefty tip from Jake of Corrillion

My friends at Corrillion Civil Engineering made a generous donation of materials to the reserve. Now it’s up to me to make best use of the materials, may have to be a bit creative with some of the stuff but it will be used. Many thanks to Aln Elliott who arranged this and Jake who delivered it.

Nature reserve construction and development